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Dani the owner of Iscoyd Wellness Clinic

Hi my name is Dani Burgess, I am excited to be opening up this new clinic. After running and owning a successful fitness and treatment centre in Chester it has always been my ambition to find the perfect rural setting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. My background and career has been fuelled by the love of sports, water sports, horses and adventure which I have maintained whilst bringing up my 3 daughters. I have been a Sports Therapist for over 20 years, in this time I have treated clients of all abilities, taught Pilates, personal training and fitness classes including working with children, learning difficulties, behavioural issues and the older generation with organic deterioration of the brain. My passion for the outdoors led me to join The Mountain Rescue, this was a pinnacle point in my life as my former team gave me first class training which allowed me to help people whilst at their most vulnerable. These experiences lead me to focus my future studies on alternative mental health therapies to compliment my existing physical treatments. For the past 4 years I have freelanced as a Medic alongside Doctors, paramedics, nurses, EMTs and firefighters for a private medical company - this has given me further insight into how important a mixed skill set is when dealing with patients for the best possible outcome. This is something I have strived to bring to the wellness clinic with a diverse selection of established holistic and medical practitioners. Treatments I will be offering for all ages and abilities are: Sports injury therapy TDP Therapy (Clay mineral plate healing) covering over 100 ailments Sports massage Pregnancy Massage Pilates (rehab, 1-2-1, groups) Hypnotherapy (Inc stress, anxiety, PTSD, weight loss, pain, smoking, exam fears, stammers, confidence issues and more) NLP (neuro linguistic programming) life skills coaching and counselling Future treatments: Hydrotherapy Relationship Psychology Advanced Psychotherapy Feel free to CALL/ PM the Clinic direct or text/ call me direct on 07772478450 I look forward to working alongside Tracy, Emily and Linda, together making it possible to help, heal and offer long term support to our community and beyond.

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